Since graduating, Andy has been an invaluable help throughout my job search. Instead of bombarding me with theoretical approaches to career advice, which is typical at Uni career offices, Andy provided me with practical and useable help from his own experience.

Not only did he help me rework my CV from an employer's perspective, and practice interview technique with me, he also gave me tailored advice for specific job applications.

Throughout his mentoring, he really made me aware of my potential and gave me confidence in my own abilities.

His determination to get me a job was as great as mine, and his support and contact was constant throughout the job search, right up to the point when I secured a job.

I would advise any recent graduate to get in touch with Andy. as he is a friendly advisor with great credibility who will get you the job you are after!

Chloe's story

Andy has helped me tremendously to kick-start my career after University. He has helped me rework my CV to a high standard, allowing my attributes to stand out in such a competitive market. Andy has many contacts in various fields, which has allowed me to network and make connections with those in industry; a service which my University careers office doesn't provide.

I now feel more confident approaching and interacting with established business people. I found it highly beneficial taking advice from someone with real, credible business experience, a refreshing outlook from the academic approach which I receive at University.

Andy is able to give friendly and invaluable advice on work ethics and employers mindsets, as well as helping with interview technique.

He is always very enthusiastic
, and will ,
put himself out constantly find the right job for you; providing a tailored, one of a kind service.

Contacting Andy was the best career choice I have ever made

Kirsty's story

Since finishing full time education I have been working in a pub and, although I was doing well and had been given a lot of responsibility, it wasn't what I wanted for a real career.  

Recently I decided to resume education and find a real career, so I enrolled on a college course to get more qualifications in an area I was particularly interested in. I then started working with Andy to find some work, somewhere relevant to my course, to practise what I'm learning.

After just a couple of months, I am now starting a trial period with a new employer.

Andy's help is so practical and effective. He is really experienced in business and teaches you things a things about employers, the reality of work and how to write a winning CV which you just cant seem to find anywhere else.
This gives you the confidence to send your C.V. to places, knowing they will take you seriously.
Andy seemed really committed to getting me a good job and kept in close touch with me,  providing advice and help until we found the right opportunity for me.

I really recommend him to any young person wanting to better themselves and find a career. Andy's advice and knowledge is extremely beneficial to people who just don't know where to start.

It's a really personal and friendly service and it was fun!

Example Packages
These are some "bouquets" of services but you can pick and mix any of the individual elements as you wish:
Regular "The 2:2"
Large "The 2:1"
Extra Large "1st"
There is no substitute for experience and Andy concentrates on sharing key tips that will give you a head start relative to other applicants.
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