What we do

sales effectiveness - The effectiveness of your sales and marketing force is a key business enabler, especially in today's marketplace. 3rdeye's experience in corporate and SME sales can be brought to bear on your business through a review of sales techniques, planning, pipeline review and qualification. Go to market and segmentation strategies are assessed and critique is offered. 3rdeye will provide an action plan to deliver an enhanced sales performance including management action and, where appropriate, software tools. We are keen to engage in face to face participation in the sale to your clients, where appropriate.

business decision support - Based on long experience in the IT, communications, learning and media sectors, 3rdeye will exploit its wide range of contacts and expert partners to support the development and growth of your business. 3rdeye's different view can be applied to provide snapshot 3rd party review and critique of critical business processes. 3rdeye will provide a pithy and frank report, based on experience and pragmatism, which will offer clear advice rather than a mass of data. Where required, 3rdeye can be retained to see through execution of proposed plans, working as a virtual member of your team.

introductions, referrals and door opening - 3rdeye's impressive contact network can be leveraged as part of your channel strategy, selling into organisations where your own company has no links. This network of contacts, built up over decades, has strong links into senior management in the media, telecoms and ICT communities and 3rdeye's track record with these senior individuals can be turned to your advantage to accelerate selling. This can manifest in two ways, either a simple introduction with a referral fee payable, or full engagement by 3rdeye to close the sale with a commission being paid on success.

fees - 3rdye offers a range of engagement models depending on your requirement and the nature of the task. Day rate decision support (discounted according to the length of the engagement), success fees based on a percentage of profit or savings made, or a blend of the two subject to negotiation around risk and reward for both parties.